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Length & Cost

  • Non-Equine 55 minutes = $100

  • Non-Equine 30 minutes = $65

  • Equine-Facilitated 55 minutes = $100 + $35 Equine Specialist (ES)/Facility Fee (please note that the ES fee is not covered by insurance)

*Sliding scale (or reduced rate) is available on a limited basis and is dependent on financial need.  If you have a high deductible that has not yet been met or if paying the full rate is going to cause undue hardship, please ask about special payment arrangements.

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Insurance, Self-Pay & EAP

We are in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna and Medicaid.  

Out of Network Benefits:  If we are not in network with your insurance provider, we can submit an out of network claim to your insurance provider on your behalf for possible reimbursement.  

Unmet Deductible:  If you have an unmet deductible, we can submit a claim to your insurance provider which they will then apply to your deductible.   

  • We are also an approved Iredell County Government Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider.  Iredell County will pay for the first 3 sessions thru the EAP at no cost to the patient (all county employees & their dependents are eligible for this benefit).

Forms of Payment Accepted:

Cash, Check, Debit/Credit Cards, and FSA/HSA Cards

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Late Cancellations &

No Shows

If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, please do so at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time.  Failure to do so will result in a non-refundable late cancellation charge of $50 or a no show charge of $100.

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Complimentary Initial Phone Consultations

Spero Creative Counseling Center aims to make your experience with counseling a positive one.  If you are interested in counseling for yourself or a loved one but have questions about what to expect, what options are available to you, or would simply like to speak with a professional in order to ease any concerns you may have about starting the counseling process, please call for a free phone consultation.